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When You Are Injured Should You Give a Statement?

Insurance companies try to take statements from injury victims before they receive the advice of an attorney. These adjusters are trained to ask questions that close the door to fair justice - especially for damages that are not immediately apparent. You are not required to give a recorded statement - do not do so before speaking to a capable attorney.
How do I decide whether I need legal representation?

If your injuries are substantial, it is extremely unlikely that the insurance adjuster will be authorized to make a settlement offer to you that approaches the reasonable value of your losses.  Insurance company adjusters are very well trained at representing the interests of their insurance company so as to minimize the payment that you receive for your losses. Do not be misled into believing that the insurance adjuster’s aim is to be fair in handling your claim. 
How do I choose a law firm with the experience and resources to be successful in handling my auto/trucking accident claim?

Experience is the chief factor that you should look at in selecting an attorney. You should ask the attorney about other cases that he has successfully tried before judges and juries. You should ask friends and relatives about their knowledge of the attorney. If you know a judge or someone involved with the court system, ask those individuals about the reputation of the attorney. Gills Law Firm has over a decade of legal experience representing injured victims. We are here to help you!